Since 1852, Langdon Ingredients has proudly provided the best quality ingredients for some of the world's best known brands.

Driven and developed by five generations of the Langdon family and its staff, Langdon Ingredients has grown to become one of the leading ingredient suppliers to the Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. The company's acquisition of specialist businesses such as Stewart Foods, Food Blenders, Waters Trading, the herb & spice division of Lee McKeand, and Hulscher Investments has enabled Langdon to offer first class ingredients from only the best suppliers drawn from throughout the world.

In 1852, Henry Joseph Langdon, a Captain with the English East India Company, envisioned the trade opportunities arising from Australia's Gold Rush. He migrated from England to Melbourne, armed with champagne, chocolates and brandy to sell to successful miners who were newly flushed with cash.

As Australia's population grew and the country's wealth escalated, Henry Langdon increased his import range to include books, boots, linen, china and crystal, catering to the country's growing needs. When Henry Langdon's son, Charles Langdon, took over the business in the 1890s, he expanded its products to include herbs, spices, teas, furniture, hats and blankets from Europe. Charles capitalised on the growing nation's appetite for imported foods, sourcing products from around the world such as olive oil, essences, nuts and herbs.

In the early 1900s, Australia's fledgling wine industry began taking shape. Recognising the opportunities once again, and the new nation's appetite for local produce, Langdon became the agency for Cholmondoley & Bosanquet - a Claret grown in South Australia.

In the 1920s, the third generation of Langdons joined the business - brothers Clive, Phillip and Richard. The Company branched out into pharmaceuticals, becoming the sole agency for Rhone-Poulenc Aspirin, then a new medicinal product developed in France.

The Company's focus on chemist lines continued in the 1950s as new drug preparations came to market: Langdon imported penicillin in bulk to sell to Australian pharmaceutical companies. It was the first company to import aluminium foil from the English company, Venesta, and a new product called silicone which was used for the tiling of the Sydney Opera House. As Langdon's management foresaw opportunities and product development, the company's importing mix diversified, and thrived - coffee beans, herbs, chemicals, cellulose film, acetate, and oils.

But the 1970s saw the company reduce its focus on chemicals, to place a greater emphasis on developing its food ingredients, herbs and spices market.

With a return to health-conscious values in the 1980s, Langdon sourced health ingredients, and as demand increased, commenced supplying them to health, food and industrial customers.

In 1992, current Chief Executive Chris Langdon joined the company, following a career in merchant banking in Britain. He immediately steered the company through a period of expansion with a series of strategic acquisitions, including Stewart Foods and Food Blenders. When Waters Trading was acquired, a valuable specialisation in herbs and spices was gained, including the largest HACCP-approved processing plant in Australasia. The plant provides cleaning, blending and processing of herbs, spices and ingredients.

In 1996, Langdon opened an office in Auckland, New Zealand to service South Pacific trade.

The company proudly celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2002, and in 2005, relocated to state of the art, purpose-built premises in Derrimut, Melbourne. The new Langdon Food and Ingredient Centre provides all stages of sourcing, processing, product development and distribution.

Langdon has expanded its business into the Asia-Pacific region, with the opening of its office in Singapore in 2008. During the difficult period of the Global Financial Crisis in 2009, Langdon acquired and merged two Queensland business, Hulscher Investments and the aromatic blending division of Erie Australia.

In August 2011, the company acquired the Nikken Natural Extracts Ingredients range from B.J. Harris Trading.

In 2012, Langdon Foods celebrated 160 years of importing quality ingredients, and supplying the brand names of our nations.