With a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Langdon Ingredients can take care of all your blending requirements. We have gained a reputation over the years as one of the leading dry-blending facilities in Australia, with state of the art machinery (blending machines ranging from 50 kg – 1 tonne) and a commitment to maintaining high quality and safety standards.

Our dedicated blending facility ensures product safety by manufacturing ingredients in isolated rooms utilizing specialist equipment. All blenders are stainless steel in construction, equipped with drained floors for complete wash downs and sanitation.

Products are sieved and metal detected at relevant stages of the process. Our allergen control management system provides further protection of goods.

With the ability to control every phase of production, from ingredient selection, sourcing, through to cleaning, processing and testing, Langdon Ingredients maintains the highest level of quality control for your product.

A strict commitment to confidentiality is guaranteed with the latest processes in place to protect our customers' formulations.

With strength in large volume capabilities, Langdon Ingredients is confident we can cater to your blending requirements.

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